Calling All Authors

As I continue work to build my sites, I am sending out a call for authors to join Frontier Battles.  If you are a historian of the British Empire from 1607-1815, a French historian of the same period, a Colonial historian, American historian, student, or just interested in the period that is covered by this site, then we want you to consider joining the staff and contributing to this site.  You do not need to post every day or week, just when you can.  There are only two rules:  know what you are talking about (back it up with material if possible) and HAVE FUN.  If writing about colonial/early American history interests you, then please email me with the following information:

Your name 


Website address (if you have one that is relevant to this site), which will be linked

Institutional affiliation (if you are a student or faculty member, please tell me where)

Educational background

What areas interest you?

Please understand that this is unpaid work, but that you will have fun and be able to share your knowledge and insights with others.  I look forward to requests to join the staff.

Daniel Sauerwein

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